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Examine each of these items, which are available on the internet:
1) for music, listen to the first movement of J.S. Bach’s MAGNIFICAT; this is the High Baroque era. If you can find a performance with Sir John Eliot Gardiner and his Monteverdi Choir and the English Baroque soloists, go for it.
2) For art, find Giovanni Bellini’s ST. FRANCIS IN THE DESERT; you might want to read up on the background of this wonderful painting. Not only St. Francis, but what else do you notice i the painting?
3) For architecture, look at the church at Melk Abbey, Austria; BE SURE to look at the interior shots. Again,
this is high Baroque–but in post-Reformation Catholicism, it had a political aim, too; can you figure it out?
After you have analyzed these, telling what you think the artists/musicians valued and were trying to express, tell me what
YOU think about them! Remember, if you read up on these items, LIST THE WORKS YOU CONSULTED! That way, you avoid plagiarism.
 write a 1-page paper on each of these three, telling 1) where they found this value, 2) why it was important “back then,” and 3) is it still around today.


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