Human Resource Management homework help

Provide the knowledge that you gained from this course in responding to the following scenario and questions.. Your total response should be approximately 2-3 pages and does not need to include any cited references. 
You are hired to be the CEO of a mid-size organization (100 employees). The Board of Directors terminated the contract with the previous CEO for not achieving established goals. As a leader you are facing low employee morale, senior management who are resistant to change, a deficit budget, and the potential loss of the largest contract if the organization does not achieve its goal this year.

  1. What steps would you take as the leader of the organization to create and communicate a vision and objectives for the organization?
  2. How would you overcome the low morale and resistance to change during the strategic planning process?
  3. How would you manage the internal & external politics to achieve your goals?
  4. What leadership traits would you need to draw on in order to make the organization successful?


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