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respond to the posts of two of your classmates. Ideally, you would respond to one post with which you agree and to another post with which you disagree; in any case, be sure to explain in each of your responses the reason that you agree or disagree.
Note that, in each post, you do not need to write more than one paragraph. However, you may—and probably should!

Neil Naputo 

Nov 22, 2020Nov 22 at 9:13pmManage Discussion Entry
Is there any moral rule that one ought to follow no matter the consequences?
In my opinion, I think we should a have moral rule to follow no matter what consequences is. Before I join this ethics class, the moral rule that I have followed since I was growing up was “do unto others as you would have them to you” (Luke 6:31). It’s a bible verse that I have learned in a catholic school. By following this rule had save me some avoidable circumstances in my life.
Having this ethic class was another plus to my moral skills. Kant’s moral principle of categorical imperative have broadened my understanding on how to treat other people. I think Immanuel Kant was spot on that morality is not about that any moral rule that one ought to follow no matter the consequences by pursuing self- interest or self-pleasures but what is important is what is right in pursuing self interest or what is right that makes us feel good (Velasquez, 2012). In the video, “Kant’s Axe”, Kant made the categorical imperative principle to let us know that it is never morally acceptable to tell a lie. But some people will not agree with Kant’s principle. In some unfamiliar situations for example, would you turn in a friend to the cops who just stole a car, cheat on the test or go over the speed limit? This are just few examples which we still have difficulty in determining of what is right or wrong. The way I think we can fix this is by following the principles of the Greek Philosopher Aristotle. Having the “strength of will” regulate our actions so that we know what is right despite the strong emotions, desires or peer pressure that tempts us (Velasquez, 2012).
Velasquez, M. (2012). Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases, 7th Edition. Pearson Education Inc.

Andrea Hoeflinger 

WednesdayNov 25 at 4:01amManage Discussion EntryKant’s Axe is a hypothetical scenario that gives a choice of the truth and a lie. The consequences do not matter. According to Kant, your conscience does. After watching the video and reading, I do not think there is one moral rule that should be followed no matter the consequences. I think it is right to try to live under a set of morals, but I think there are exceptions. If I were put in a compromising situation involving a loved one, I know I would quickly bend the rules if I thought it would keep them safe. I would expect the same from other people.  It may not be true for everyone, but it is true for me. We are humans, and we all fall short of always doing the right thing “all the time.” For instance, I want to tell the truth every day, but if an axeman comes looking for my best friend, I will not tell that man where my best friend is. Kant may feel your conscience would be clear by telling the truth. However, telling the truth could still lead to the death of your best friend. This would also be on your conscience, so that did not make sense to me. I also find Kant’s argument contradicting. If you implement Universalizability and Reversibility into the scenario, I will not see how that will help anyone’s situation (Velasquez, 2018). Answering the questions, “What if everyone did this? and How would you like it if you were in her place?” I am not seeing how telling the truth in that scenario benefits anyone. In the event that someone is put under an extreme amount of stress, I do not know of any moral that should be followed no matter the consequences.
BBC Radio 4. (2014, November 18).  Kant’s Axe. [Video File], YouTube.
‌Velasquez, M. G. (2018). Business ethics: Concepts & cases (8th ed.). Pearson.


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