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Health Care Timeline
Complete the following timeline.
Select 5 events between 1900 and the present that have helped shape health care as it is today. Write a 50- to 100-word summary per event that describes the causes and effects of the event. Consider factors like cost, access, and quality of care in your description. An example has been provided for you.

Health Care Through the Years

Date Event and Significance
1870-1889 To keep their employees healthy and able to work, employers began to provide employee health care. Companies in several industries, including mining, lumber, and railroads, developed group industrial clinics with plans that prepaid doctors a fixed monthly fee to provide medical care to employees for industrial accidents and common illnesses. This increased the availability of care and gave the employees less expensive, higher-quality care than they could afford on their own. While it was not health care as we know it, this set the stage for companies becoming involved in the well-being of their employees.



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