Human Resource Management homework help

Effective planning is important in all areas of business, and human resources are no exception. A key component of most HR executives is the creation of a comprehensive human resources plan. In this assignment, you will be creating a portion of such a plan. You will incorporate the information learned from this course and compile this information into a plan for staffing a job position. The areas to be covered in the paper should be:
This assignment should have a requirement of 7 pages and 8 scholarly/peer-reviewed resources (this does not include the title or reference page in APA format on the information researched from the articles and your views as well.

  • An overview of the selected position and the way it fits in the organizational hierarchy
  • Safety and security issues applicable to the position
  • Legal and ethical issues applicable to the position
  • A job description of the selected position
  • A compensation package based on the local market and norms in your city or state
  • A recruiting plan devised for the position
  • An interviewing plan devised for the position
  • An employee retention plan devised for the position
  • A training and assessment plan applicable to the position
  • An employee evaluation plan applicable to the position
  • A summary


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