Human Resource Management homework help

Attached draft please just add on to that 1289 of 1500 word count is on draft. Please make sure word count is at least 1500. I need another reference for paper an also please make paper sound a little more professional . Instructions below.
Requirements include:
·  Title page and reference page (no abstract)
·  At least 1,500 words (excluding the title page and reference page)
·  Current APA format for all elements
o  Double-spacing
o  12-point, Times New Roman font
·  Thorough research on 5 topics chosen in Parts 1 and 2
·  Do not quote.  Paraphrase and cite your work.
·  References to:
o  4–5 academic references published within the last 5 years, and follow current APA format. Academic references include textbooks, peer-reviewed journals, .edu websites, and .gov websites. Do not use .com, .net, .org, or blog websites.


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