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Unit 9 Discussion
Discussion Topic
Implementing Strategy
Designing and developing a business report has become an essential skill for professionals to master. In this Assignment, your business report will contain a company analysis of resources to aid in the implementation and execution of strategy. Your research, organization, planning, and critical thinking abilities will be critical in the development of your business report and execution of the Assignment requirements.
Strategists must master the art and science of decision-making. In this Assignment, you are given three options to choose from in order to analyze and develop your business report:
Option 1: To complete this Assignment, you may choose to analyze one of the following case studies from your textbook: Case Study 3, Case Study 25, or Case Study 26. You can find a list of videos that may accompany your chosen case study in the supplemental resources spreadsheet.
Option 2: You may choose an award-winning company from the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program website to study. You will evaluate the “Award Application Summary” of your chosen award-winning company as a business case.
Option 3: You may also choose to analyze your current employer instead of the business case studies based on the criteria below. You must have access to study all topics listed below. If you do not have access to the necessary information in your company, you must choose a case study or a Baldrige award-winning company as indicated above. Please seek approval from your professor if you wish to conduct this analysis based on your employer to ensure you are able to cover all requirements sufficiently.
Address the following inquires to help you get started with the Unit 10 Assignment:

  • Provide a brief synopsis of the company from your chosen case study or your employer (if approved by your professor). Include the company name, industry sector, products, target market, and any other pertinent background information.
  • Identify and explain at least three of the company’s strategic priorities as indicated in business documentation. If none exist, you must create them by analyzing the business situation and using strategic management and leadership abilities.
  • Write a broad statement of what is to be accomplished in relation to each identified strategic priority. Be specific.
  • Indicate how the accomplishment of each strategic initiative is monitored and measured.
  • Identify by job title, the people that are accountable for the success of the strategic priorities that provide direction for the work that needs to be done, and who monitors progress and how progress is monitored.
  • Use a minimum of 1 academic research resource to substantiate your thoughts and ideas.
  • Outline your essay using headings to segment topics and to create a flow of ideas in your writing.



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