History homework help

you would have to write about the next points:
Explain what a casta is
Explain all different castas( maybe include difference in clothing, rights, duties, obligations)
Explain the different names that were given yo the children of parents from different castas
Explain where the casta system was present (this could include info about other countries where the Spaniards imposed the casta system)
Explain why the casta system was abolished
– I would like you to include this points, and if you see fit to add more, then that would be okay as long as it is relevant to the main topic.
I do not have a rubric for the essay, and also the use of pictures is allowed, as long as they contribute significance to the essay. With that said, it would not be okay to put a picture in each page, but around 3 pictures would be fine (pictures that would cover around 1/3 of a page)


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