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After finishing this week’s readings  (Eastman Essay 8 & Eastman Essay 9& Reader 25-26), please focus this week’s post on the questions below.
Remember: the idea here is to think carefully about the questions, but you don’t need to worry as much about producing a perfectly polished text. Your post should be at least 150 words for each question 
1.    What’s one idea about this week’s lectures and readings that you found most intriguing or surprising? Why is it intriguing or surprising to you?
2.    How did women’s status change in the late Qing, according to the Sally Borthwick reading of this week?
3.    Why is Liang Qichao so important for modern Chinese history? What are some of his most important ideas?
ASSIGNMENT 2: Debate Paper: Reform (Liang Qichao) and Revolution (Sun Yat-sen) Sources: The source for this paper I upload in the attachment named as: Lecture 14 & 15 & The Anti-Manchu Revolution Hu Hanmin and Sun Yat-sen & Liang Qichao
PAPER PROMT: Please read clearly before you start to write the paper

1. Your Tasks

The job of each group is to convince the rest of the class that your group is best qualified to lead China.
The first task that each group will take up is to understand the general political situation in China in 1905-06. You should be clear about the state of affairs within China and China’s position in the world.
The second task that each group will take up is to show the ideologies, policies, and political strategies of your group and your rival groups.
1)  What are your ideologies? Why are they suitable for 1905-06’s China and better than those of your rivals?
2) You should understand the position of your own group (your potential followers, the economic and material resources you have, what kinds of people you could influence) and have a general idea of the position of your rivals.
3) How are you going to convince the Chinese people to follow you? How are you going to compete with, ally with, attract support from, or undermine your rivals?
The third task will be a debate format—putting forward your position and convincing others to follow you. Your audience will be me, your classmates, and our panel of judges.

2.  Paper (5 pages)

This paper is to finish the first and the second tasks.
The suggested readings should be examined with an eye to answer the above three questions.
I need everyone to write at least 2 paragraphs analyzing the state of affairs in China and China’s position facing international challenges.
I need everyone to write at least 3 paragraphs answering the three parts of the questions listed above.

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