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TOPIC:  Evidence for how funded, licensed, non profit centres  in the Province of Manitoba offer the highest quality care in non- pandemic times to help women balance life with work.
In your argument, please include how the issue could be (is being) addressed. 
This essay  is  intended  for you to grapple with an issue by going beyond simply arguing a thesis statement to consciously reflecting on your own experience and what you have learned around the world.
It is important to ground your issue in sources provided, and further research including academic work (peer reviewed sources), personal experiences, and to events from local, national or other mass media.  Throughout this essay, you will reflect on how you engage with this issue in your own life in addition to how the issue might be addressed collectively.
Your essay should include:

  • Thesis Statement


  • Analysis (your thoughts and feelings)


  • Research (used to build your argument/description)


  • How well you demonstrate your understanding of the issue; both in exploring the issue itself, and in your personal and/or collective prescription(s) for solutions.

Childcare in the Province of Manitoba
The current state of childcare in the province of  Manitoba, and where advocates are saying things need to head:



  • The Manitoba Child Care Coalition


  • 211 Manitoba (Child Care Coalition of Manitoba)


  • Parents Child Care Coalition (Province of Manitoba)


  • Manitoba child care groups for urgent help from province.



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