Government homework help

Choose  Two  prompts to write about. Check the rubric for what is graded to insure that your post is sufficient to get all possible points.
You must have two prompts
Each prompt MUST have 150 word minimum
APA writing includes in-text citations and references – required only on original posts
You can review this video to help understand what the APA format looks like:
You MUST use the textbook and an outside source in your original posts
Do not copy the prompt, write so that you are answering the question in an essay format. Use the prompt to help you write to the topic.
Prompt 1:
Does any president deserve credit for an economic boom or recession? Who is more instrumental in influencing the economy—the president or the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board?
Prompt 2:
Many people have argued that we should privatize much of government—that is, turn over to the private sector such traditional governmental activities as running prisons, Social Security, public broadcasting, and even public schools. Is this a good idea? What programs, if any, should be privatized? What are the relative disadvantages in privatization?
Prompt 3:
If you had to choose between having a strong economy and a weak military or having a weak economy and a strong military, which would they choose and why?
Prompt 4:
The themes of democracy, equality, and liberty are emphasized in the textbook. Do you have a better understanding of those terms today than when they started this course? Do they think the United States has a moral responsibility to spread democracy throughout the world? If so, how should it be done? How could Americans export their strengths (such as freedom) without exporting some of our weaknesses (such as low voter turnout)?
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