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 Pretend that you are approached by human rights organization to produce a video on some topic of human rights in America, say homelessness. We have together video images with music with some message. You can do voice over, but you do not need to appear in any way.
General Directions: Prepare a human rights video and submit as a file. Name your file Firstname_Lastname. Late videos will be reduced by one letter grade and an additional letter grade for each day late thereafter.  Any submission over 100 seconds will be deducted one letter grade. Any submission that does not comply with the file format instructions below will be deducted one letter grade.
File Format: preferred file format is .MP4. If you are unable to submit in that format, please upload your video to YouTube and submit that link to Canvas.
Your task: Prepare a human rights video lasting 60 seconds (maximum to 100 seconds), relating to the topic of human rights in America. General suggestions: First, pick a topic, such as the right to education or black lives matter or the death penalty. Second, think of your strategy. Do you want to inform your audience on this issue or do you want to persuade them to embrace your view? Third, think of what images and music you want to help convey your point of view. Then you are set to go. For preparation of the video, you can use your phone. You will be graded on the content of the human rights video not on the technical quality of the video.


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