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The essay should be double-spaced, using a 12-point font. This will be a 1000-2000 word essay.
• Include the following in your header:
Course & Section [i.e. MUSI 2320 WEB, MUSI 2320 WE1, or MUSI 2320 WE2]
Title — The title will be the number of the Prompt [i.e. Prompt #1 Prompt #2]
Word Count (main body of the paper, only)
• Select one of the numbered prompts below and write your own original response.
• Type your essay and submit the Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) version of the essay to the Assignment box.
• Use these three resources to help organize your thoughts and in preparing the paper:

  • This attachment: Intro to College Writing and MLA for Music.pdf
  • This website for tips on writing about music: THE WRITING CENTER • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Music
  • The AU Writing Center for additional pointers on essay composition, as well as valuable feedback on a draft or two before completing and submitting your final version. THEY ARE EXTREMELY HELPFUL THERE!

• Be sure to include the link for any video or audio you are writing about. Include the timing locations for the sections you are discussing.
• Use the “MUSI 2320 – HOLISTIC RUBRIC FOR ESSAYS” in D2L (under the Assessments heading) as your guide to the grading parameters.
•The bibliography should include at least one published/reputable resource in addition to the What’s that Sound text and Wikipedia. Citations should be in MLA format.
Prompt #1. Read and analyze the below quotation from Chapter 7 of the text.
In terms of the development of psychedelic music, the friendly competition between The Beach Boys and The Beatles had important consequences. The ways these bands applied themselves to developing the stylistic timbral and compositional range of rock music was a model for other groups.
Explain the above quote thoroughly, focusing on the meaning, context, and reasons for the author to have made such a statement. Provide specific and detailed examples of how these two bands influenced each other as well as other bands and artists that followed in terms of “stylistic, timbral, and compositional range.” Has their influence carried through to the music of more recent times? How? Again, you must include specific examples to support your thoughts.

  • attachment



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