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 Overview: In this module, you learned about some different strategies for revising your writing. In this assignment, you will review your instructor’s feedback on your writing plan and consider how you will incorporate that feedback to further develop your thoughts as you prepare to write your first draft of the critical analysis essay.
Prompt: For this reflection assignment, you will make some choices about your approach to your critical analysis essay based on your understanding of revision and the feedback on your writing plan provided by your instructor. You’ll also discuss who your intended audience is and what you hope to accomplish with your essay.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Feedback and Revision Reflection: Use this reflection to gather your thoughts and determine a strategy for writing your critical analysis essay based on your instructor’s feedback on your writing plan.
A. Think about your experiences with revision in the past. What approaches to revision have worked well for you? [ENG-122-03]
B. What revision strategy from the Module Five content would you like to try when revising your critical analysis essay? [ENG-122-03]
C. Review your writing plan and the feedback provided by your instructor. How does this feedback influence your ideas about your selected reading? [ENG-122-03]
D. What changes will you make to your analysis now that you have received this outside feedback? [ENG-122-03]
II. Audience: Use this part of your reflection to consider your audience and purpose.
A. Imagine that your essay will be read by an audience beyond your instructor. Identify an audience that might benefit from reading your essay and describe some of this audience’s characteristics. [ENG-122-01]
B. What potential challenges could you have connecting with this audience with your writing? [ENG-122-01]
C. Identify some choices you can make within your writing to connect with this audience. [ENG-122-01]
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