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in order to make the frame works more coherent and flow with each other  I organized the 3 problems, ob concepts, solutions. If you could write one paragraph for this problem and the OB concept and one paragraph for the solution this portion of the work will be completed.
Communication is being negatively affected by Creations reliance on email correspondence
– George had a low power distance before covid. Where interaction with his employees was a lot easier. But now the employees are encountering a higher power distance due to Creations’ reliance on email communication.
Interview question data: Regarding communication with Creation, Jason says “some is good some is bad”. What’s good is that there are weekly meetings where there is time to discuss open items, concerns, review of metrics, etc. On the other hand, Jason expresses there is an “over reliance of email”, and that the timing of communication can be difficult, especially through a virtual format.
Solution: Currently Creation has a Mechanistic organizational culture but if they incorporate some organic organizational culture then fewer email will need to be sent to C suite executives and managers and employees will feel empowered to make decisions.


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