English homework help

English homework help
a) Setting
–how developed/detailed?
–does it change?
–how does it relates to plot/characters?
b) Characters (who is depicted and how?)
c) Narrator
–direct narrative or mediated by a narrator?
–audible or inaudible?
–what kind of person?
–what degree of power/authority?
–how reliable?
–what is the point of view?
d) Events
–at least 2 (kernels, satellites)
–active or stative
–type of plot (epic, dramatic, epistemic, soap opera)
f) Structure (building blocks: words, scenes, camera angles, photographs)
e) Temporal relations (brief period, many years, order of events, past or present tense, flashbacks or flash-forwards?)
f) Causal relations (cause-effect relationship)
g) Audience
–to whom is the narrative addressed?
–ideology or attitude?
I) Theme (what is the general idea illustrated in the narrative?)
J) Type of narrative (comedy, romance, tragedy, irony, or something else)
3) Assess the narrative. Does it fulfill the objective? What does it tell us about our culture?
Remember to:
1. Give a brief description of the show whose opening theme you are analyzing.
2. Provide the link to the opening theme/opening credit sequence.
3. Include all steps of your method of criticism in your analysis.
You may submit your analysis as a PowerPoint presentation (or approved alternative).
It should not look like a traditional paper.
However, be sure to both DESCRIBE and INTERPRET. Avoid simply stating the obvious (what I can see and hear by watching your clip). Tell me what you see and hear AND tell me what it MEANS
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