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Choose an informative or persuasive speaking style to evaluate and  apply anything that entertains you. Provide a 2 to 4 minute speech with  at least two oral citations.
Include at least two of the following to address in your speech (DO NOT READ THESE QUESTIONS IN YOUR SPEECH!):
1. What theory applies to this example? (academic theory, business  theory, communication theory from this class, any other theory you have  learned and can cite)
2. How does this example reflect what is applicable in practical life?
3. What have you learned about the world from this example that you can use to improve yourself?
4. What does your choice of entertainment say about you?
5. Why should other people be aware of this example?
6. Why is this example of  entertainment important?
Topic: Marijuana
Narrative Paradigm Theory and Speech
https://youtu.be/37QS2R8taE8 (Links to an external site.) 
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