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Read and Write answers to the following assignments from the book Miller-Cochran, S. K., Stamper, R., & Cochran, S. (2019). An insider’s guide to academic writing: A rhetoric and reader. Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martins, Macmillan:
1. Inside Work: Writing about Arguments – page 61. Complete the assignment by choosing a text, advertisement, or webpage. Follow the instructions and answer all the questions. BE SURE to pick something that makes a claim and isn’t simply informative or entertaining.

  • Include the text you chose to analyze along with your answers.
  • Title this section “Argument.”

2. Inside Work: Constructing Thesis Statements – page 64. Complete the assignment writing two (2) thesis statements.

  • Title this section “Thesis.”

3. Inside Work: Analyzing Audience Expectations – page 67. Complete the assignment following the instructions – answering the questions.

  • Title this section “Audience.”

4. Insider Example: Professional analysis of an advertisement – page 70. After reading, answer the discussion questions on page 73.
5.  Insider Example: Student analysis of an advertisement – page 74. After reading, answer the discussion questions on page 78-79.

  • Title these sections “Prof. Analysis” and “Student Analysis” respectively.
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