English homework help

Locate 5 potential research sources for the topic you submitted as your final choice for the Research Essay.  At least one of these needs to come from the school’s library (electronic databases are fine).
These are just to get you started.  You won’t have to use them in the final draft of the essay if they turn out to be duds.
These should be 5 NEW sources.  Don’t include ones you’ve used for previous assignments, even if they relate to your chosen topic.

Assignment Requirements

You don’t have to tell me anything about the contents of these sources.  Instead, I want you to create BOTH Works Cited (MLA) citations and References (APA) citations for each of the 5 sources you’ve found.
You’re welcome to use the pre-formatted citations available in the library databases, if you find your sources there.  Other good helpful tools for building citations are Son of Citation Machine and EasyBib.
All of the automated citation generators have their unique, problematic quirks.  Be sure to compare what they give you with what the handbooks say your citation should look like, so you can learn to spot the problems with machine-generated citations.


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