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Individually, write a paper on the impact of plastic pollutants in our Oceans.  Describe the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Please answer the following questions in detail:  1- Where is it located? 2- Why does it exist?  3- What is the impact of plastic pollutants on our environment?  4- What is being done about it?  5- What is our campus doing about plastic products?  6- Describe a technology that can be used to help in the cleanup. As an aspiring engineer/technologist, what solution would you propose?  • The paper must be at least 4 pages in length with a minimum of 1,000 words. • Use Times Roman font (12 point) with 1½ inch line spacing. One inch margins. • One paper per student must be submitted via Canvas (Lab Canvas Page) by Friday, December 11th. Late papers will not be accepted. • The paper is worth 5% of your grade and will be graded based on subject content, how well questions are answered and incorporated, grammar, clarity and conciseness of writing, and creativity.


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