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Read the articles in the Week 15 activity folder. • Come up with one idea to increase engagement in STEM fields for K-12 students. These ideas can be anything from special events to concepts for STEM-related toys. • A reasonable amount of detail must accompany and justify your idea. Imagine that you are going to apply for a grant to fund your idea: how much information would you need to provide in the application? For example, only stating that your idea is “an event where we will assemble robots” with no additional information is not a sufficient amount of detail. Use the following questions as a guide to fleshing out your idea: o What area of STEM does the idea focus on? These areas can be anything from exploring the photosynthesis of plants to software programming to demonstrations of physics. o What is the target audience for the idea? For example, an activity targeted toward high school juniors and seniors would not be appropriate for students in the 2nd grade of elementary school and vice-versa. o What activities would be appropriate based on the chosen STEM area and the age of the students who are participating? o What are the goals and learning outcomes that you want students to achieve? • Prepare a sufficient number of slides to present your idea to the activity group. Presentations should be 5-7 minutes long.


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