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The Press Release
Prior to beginning work on this interactive assignment, read Chapter 5 and review Chapter 8 (assigned in Week Four) in your textbook. In addition, watch the following video segment: Importance of Taking Media Seriously (Links to an external site.) below. You must also research two additional professional and/or scholarly resources on the media covering issues common to law enforcement or corrections to support your work. (Access the MSCJ Professional Sources guide (Links to an external site.) for assistance with finding appropriate resources.)
Importance of Taking Media Seriously (Links to an external site.)
For this assignment, you will take on the role of the leader in the scenario Preview the documentyou chose for your Intervention Plan in Week Two. As the leader of the organization after experiencing the damaging events that took place within your chosen scenario, you believe a new community event will help to heal some of the damages and improve community ties. In your leadership role, you will create a community event (keeping in mind the events that took place within your scenario) and develop a Press Release for announcing the details of the event to the community.
Create your press release in a separate document including the following elements.
Create letterhead for the organization in chosen scenario.
Include all of the required items listed in the News 8.1: Formatting a Press Release section in your textbook
Attach your completed Press Release document to your initial post. In the body of your initial post evaluate the effects of this communication on agency operations and in improving community relations.


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