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This assignment builds on your first assignment. We are going to investigate the food you ate in greater detail focusing on energy and the micronutrients. For this assignment, you will complete the attached worksheet using your food record and your Food Daily Report from Assignment 1.
Download the worksheet to your computer. Answer the questions using your food record and Food Detail Report from Assignment 1. Save the completed file with your name in the file title. When you are done, upload the file into the assignment area.
Grading: Your assignment will be graded using the following rubric.
Assignment 3 Rubric
Does Not Meet All Requirements
Meets Requirements
Maximum Points
Part I, II, III, IV (each part will be graded based on the following)
Response to each question that makes up each part
Did not respond to questions (Points: 0)
Only responded to some of the questions (Points: 1-12)
Responded to each question (Points: 13)
Summary and conclusion for each part
Summary and conclusion are not included (Points: 0)
Summary and conclusion summarize the important points but do not flow from data discovered (Points: 1-9)
Summary summarizes the important points. Summary flows from data discovered (Points: 10)
Summary’s organization and structure of the response detract from the writer’s message; disjointed paragraphs (Points: 1)
Adequate structure; Paragraph and sentence transitions are mostly logical with minor flow issues (Points: 2-4)
Paper is very well structured. Paragraph and sentence transitions are logically presented and flow throughout the paper (Points: 5)
Writing Style
Analysis contains numerous grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word choice errors. The language uses jargon or conversational tone with minimal to no use of terms and concepts (Points: 1)
Analysis contains a few grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word choice errors. Some mechanical errors or typos are present but are not overly distracting. Some appropriateness to terms and concepts with moderate explanation (Points: 1-4)
Analysis follows rules of grammar usage and punctuation; spelling and word choices are correct, language clear and precise with appropriateness to terms and concepts (Points: 5)
100 (25 points each section)
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