Economics homework help


INTRODUCTION (2pts) –          Provide a clear thesis
–          Provide relevant background information
PARAGRAPH CONSTRUCTION (2 pts) –          One topic per paragraph
–          Concluding sentences transition to next paragraph
CONCLUSION (2 pts) –          Return to the theme(s) in the introduction
–          Synthesize, do not summarize.
GRAMMAR (2 pts) –          Errors -1/2 pt
SPELLING (2 pts) –          Errors -1/2 pt
CITATION (1 pt) –          At least one source, properly cited, needs to be used.
WORD COUNT (2 pts) –          1000+ full credit
–          850-1000 -1 pt
–          Lesss than 850 -2 pts
MY SUBJECTIVE OPINION (2 pts) –          Paper is consistent and not contradictory
–          Argument is sound and correct

NOTE:  If submitted late a 1 pt. deduction will be added every 7 days.


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