Economics homework help

Eco 156                                                                                                          Fall 2020
Prof. Lee
Homework Assignment  for Economic Indicators  
[ Due date; Dec 7]
You must keep track on the records for

  • Stock Indices [Dow Jones, S & P 500, & Nasdaq ]
  • 10-year treasury bond [ CMT rates or interest rate ],
  • Price of Gold [ $ per ounce ]
  • Price of Crude Oil [ $ per barrel ]

from Sep 3, 2020 (Thursday) through Dec 4, 2020 (Friday), and save the records in your memory disk (in the form of spread sheet such as excel), and summit the copies of the records by Dec 7 (Tuesday) together with the historical profile of these indices [such as Dow Jones, S & P, …etc] for the data collection time period (between Sep 3 and Dec 4). Homework submission must be processed through Blackboard. You must upload only excel, word, or pdf files regarding your homework assignment.
This part cover 10% weight on your semester grade.


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