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Online Communication Strategy Oral Presentation
Length: 10 minute oral presentation of up to 8 slides (excluding title page and References)
Final Due: Weeks 7 or 8 as scheduled by Instructor
Value: 200 Points for 20% of the grade
Post: Designated Discussion Board
Content: Describe the communication strategy previously approved by your instructor in a 10 minute oral presentation. Your presentation must adhere to APA standards citing and referencing three or more academic sources; you may cite your textbook and two or more peer-reviewed journal articles. The format of the presentation is:
Introduction: Define the communication strategy and discuss its importance to communication effectiveness
Strategy Implementation: Describe three tactics effective communicators use to employ the communication strategy
Conclusion: Ask 1 open-ended question to generate discussion about the communication strategy and tactics, and facilitate the online discussion
Oral Presentation: Prepare a presentation that does not exceed 10 minutes, uses no more than 8 slides (excluding title and reference page), and includes your own voice audio narration. You are welcome to use the technology of your choice (e.g., PowerPoint or Prezi with audio embedded, Screencast-o-Matic, recorded Adobe Connect, PowToons, Animoto, etc.) in presenting your analysis. The Center for Instructional Innovation (CII) has created presentation tutorials found on their YouTube Channel:
Evaluation Criteria


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