Discussion 1 &2

 **Each must be at least 200 words each**

Business Rules (disc #1)

Think about the company or organization you are using in this course and the information technology solution/project you are proposing. If your proposal is funded, what metrics would you use to demonstrate success? Today’s business stakeholders want to know that their investments are paying off in improving the business or organization in some key way. What will you measure to demonstrate that you are being successful?
Is success measured primarily by bringing a project in on time and on budget? Or should you also demonstrate metrics such as meeting key business goals? Or providing benefits to your business or your customers? Or improving satisfaction among your business leaders and your customers? No matter what metrics you decide to use, show how these metrics (these measures of success) align with key business goals.



Career Goals in IT (disc #2)

Based on your experience and education to date, what kind of role do you see yourself in and/or moving into as you move forward in your IT career? What IT systems interest you the most? As part of a project team, what role do you see yourself playing? Do you want to lead, or do you want to be the member of the team that actually creates the IT solution?
What skills do you think you already have that will make you a good member of your project team for your proposal? What things do you need to learn more about in order to be an effective member of that team?


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