Criminal homework help

Prof. Kirk A. Hanson
Your assignment is to write a research paper based on one of the Chapters in your Police ethics Textbook. You should choose a chapter from the book and write a paper about the topic of the chapter. For example, if you picked chapter 5 From Economic to Noble-Cause Corruption, your paper should focus on the different types of police corruption and the relationship between them. Your paper should include a discussion of the theoretical background of the research and an assessment of the current research in this area.
The paper should be type written and between eight and twelve pages in length using a standard 12 point font size. The page length does not count the title or reference page. Use the citation format of the American Psychological Association (APA) and include no less than seven sources. Remember, that in general, textbooks and scientific journal articles are better sources than newspapers and television. I expect that a person reading your paper would come away with a good understanding of your research topic. So include information about the main ideas, assumptions of the authors, and the research of other scholars that are relevant to your topic. This paper is due on 12-02-20. Good luck.


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