Computer Science homework help

 Project Description
–  Learn one state of the art multivariate analysis method
• NMF, PCA, ICA, NN, CNN, etc.
–  Apply matrix analysis and numerical computation on real world data sets
• image, video, audio, social media, sensory signals, etc.
Project Topics
– Given topics
• Numerical computing in econometrics             • Applications of the SVD
• Multi-level non-negative matrix factorization    • Multi-view non-negative matrix factorization
• Advanced principal component analysis          • Binary independent component analysis
• 1D convolutional neural networks                    • Survey of automatic rank determination in non-                   negative matrix factorization
– Free optional topics
• You can also search and select a topic other than above given topics as your final project. But your topic should be related to matrix, multivariate analysis and numerical computation. Please send me your topic for approval in advance if you choose a free optional topic.
Project Deliveries
– Project proposal (template will be given)
• Topic, method, application, novelty
• Novelty (new investigation, new trials, new idea, new design, technology improvement)
– Presentation (10m presentation)
– Project report
•Experiment and discussions
• Findings and conclusions
• In paper format (template will be given)
• Good quality project reports will be refined and polished by Dr. Sun and submitted for publication •
PS.  Paper types file is the guide line for this project.
Proposal template have to be used for the project proposal.
Lab report template has to be used for the lab report.
There are explanations for .zip files in the Paper types file.
Ps. LATEX compiler and Editor Link
MiKTex  ::
Texmaker ::
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