Computer Science homework help

Ensure you read all of this information for the first assignment.
1) The assignment instructions are in a separate file named Assignment 1 Instructions.
2) When you finish your assignment, submit the research paper and programmed R Script here. You are not done yet!!
3) After submitting assignment 1 here, open the Assignment 1 Peer Review. After you enter, follow the prompts. The system will ask that you copy and paste parts of your research paper into Blackboard.
For the assignment due next Thursday, you will revisit Assignment 1 Peer Review. When you enter next week you will not be prompted to answer questions about your research. You will be prompted to evaluate a peer’s responses to the prompts. If you do not submit your responses this week, you will not be able to provide a peer review next week, forfeiting the points for that assignment.
This method will ensure that anonymity is maintained when conducting peer reviews. Ensure you allow enough time to submit the assignment here and answer the questions for assignment 1 in Assignment 1 Peer Review.
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