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 office 365 presentation


Create a PowerPoint presentation that is 5 to 10 slides (with speaker notes) based on the following scenario.
Scenario: You work for an organization with about 300 employees. You are in charge of tool selection and procurement for office software. You research options and come to a decision that you will recommend Office365 rather than standard copies of Office 2013 for your organization. You must convince the organization’s leaders that this is the best option.
Include slides that discuss the advantages and disadvantage of Office365 vs the standard Office 2013 for the following topics:

  • Cost
  • Differences in functionality & usability
  • Features and updates
  • Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud storage options with Microsoft® OneDrive®


Topic 11 Activity: Microsoft PowerPoint Basics –

Create a 3- to 5-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation according to the instructions below. Save the changes to the file, and upload to Moodle.
You have been hired as the new intern in the technology department. The organization would like to understand some of the benefits and functionalities of Microsoft® PowerPoint®, as well as how it can be used to increase productivity.
At minimum, address the following core content in your presentation:

  • (6 pts.) Provide an overview of at least 3 general functions and features within Microsoft® PowerPoint®.
  • (6 pts.) Provide a  specific example of how Microsoft® PowerPoint® can be used to enhance productivity in the organization.

Include speaker notes for all slides. Simply submitting slides is not sufficient.


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