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CSCI 457 Assignment 4 – Address book
Please develop an app to show the list of all branches of an organization. The branches should be located
at different places. You can choose whatever organization you like, and it can be either realistic or fictional.
For example, Walmart stores, KFC restaurants, Global Defense Initiative (fictional) bases, etc.
• The list of the branches should be displayed in a table.
• The cells in the table must have a colorful background. You may use any color except black, white,
and gray.
• Each cell of the table should contain a thumbnail of that branch, with its name and city.
• When the user taps on a cell, a new view will pop up, showing the location of the branch on the
• The pin on the map should contain a thumbnail of the branch, with its address.
• On the top-right corner of the map, there should be a button. When the user taps the button, the
map should be closed, and the program shall return to the table of the branches. (Hint: Use unwind
in Lecture 12.)
• When you submit this assignment, please compress the entire project folder into a single zip file
and upload it to the submission link.
You can find more hints in Lectures 10, 11, 12, and 13.
Here is a sample app. It shows a list of public universities in the State of New York.


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