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Unit 3 Graded Exercise 1 Downloadable InstructionsPreview the document
In this graded exercise you are creating the second step of your ISP network. You will be using portions of your Unit 1 Graded Exercise: Create an ISP Network.   Your network will include Cable modems and DSL DSLAM both connected  through your network to the Tier1 Internet provider.  You will program  your routers for RIP protocol dynamic routing.   You will be using the  following packet tracer files:
Download the graded exercise instructions. Type your class number:  10.___.0.0/16 in all of the underline ___ indicators, answer the  questions as you go through the steps and add the screenshots where  indicated in the instructions document. Save using the following file  naming convention YourFirst_LastName_U3_GE1.  Submit the document with  the screenshots using the upload instruction.
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