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The abstract that you create in this assignment will be based on your thesis statement and outline. This abstract does not have to be the final version that you use in your final paper. It is merely used to help you focus on the topics that you will be undertaking in the paper itself.
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Project Outline
Brandon Coleman
Capstone Project
Herzing University
Project outline
Research topic: Impact of Technology on Business Operations.
Thesis Statement: The use of technology has impacted business operations both positively and negatively.
Project outline

  1. Introduction
  • Technology is constantly changing the landscape around businesses and transitioning them.
  • Changes in business models and competition are among the factors leading to the increased adoption of technology in the business world (Nicholas & Steyn, 2017).
  • Technology in business is being used for production, customer services, and financial management among others.
  • Emerging technology continues to cause changes in business operations and impact it both positively and negatively (Haseeb et al, 2019).
  1. Background to The Study
  • As technology makes its way to various industries, it continues to impact business operations.
  • It has reached a point where it is almost impossible to operate a business, no matter how small, without using technology (Lee et al, 2019).
  • While technological innovation has brought so many opportunities in business operations, it has also had negative effects on business operations (Pagani & Pardo, 2017).
  1. Problem Statement
  • Technology has greatly impacted and continues to impact business operations.
  • Business operators tend to focus more on the positive impacts of technology on business operations while overlooking the negative impacts.
  1. Purpose Statement
  • This project aims to assess both the negative and the positive impacts that technology has had on business operations.
  1. Significance
  • Technology has impacted business operations a great deal.
  • Business operators, therefore, need to understand both the positive and the negative impacts of technology so that they can use it effectively.
  1. Research Question
  • How has technology impacted business operations?
  1. Research Hypotheses
  • H01: Technology has had positive impacts on business operations.
  • HA1: Technology has not had positive impacts on business operations.
  • H02: Technology has had negative impacts on business operations.
  • HA2: Technology has not had negative impacts on business operations.
  • Methodology
  • This project will utilize a secondary data analysis methodology.
  • Qualitative data to be used in this research will be acquired from previous researches on the same topic.
  • The inclusivity criteria will be peer-reviewed research materials published within the last three years.
  • These materials will be accessed from online libraries and other reliable sources.
  • This method is effective for this project because it is easier and faster to gather large amounts of data (Johnston, 2017).
  1. Data Analysis
  • After the collection of the research materials, content analysis will be conducted to analyze the relationship between technology and business operations.
  • A relational concept analysis will be used in this case because the project aims to assess the effects of technology on business operations (Armat et al, 2018).
  1. Findings
  • After analyzing all the research materials, this project identified that technology has had both positive and negative impacts on business operations.
  • The positive impacts of technology on business operations however outweigh the negative impacts.
  1. Positive Impacts of Technology on Business Operations
  2. Enhancing communication
  • Communication is important in ensuring the success of the business.
  • Technology has brought about good communication services which have made communication more efficient (Pagani & Pardo, 2017).
  1. Improving business strategies
  • The success of a business depends on how good its strategies are.
  • Technology has facilitated strategies such as marketing and entry into the global market (Pagani & Pardo, 2017).
  1. Helping people with disabilities
  • Various aids for people with disabilities have been developed through technology.
  • This has made them as productive as ordinary people (Pagani & Pardo, 2017).
  1. Business promotion
  • Technology has offered various techniques for promoting businesses such as social media.
  • This increases the amount of profit a business generates (Sandlin, 2017).
  1. Amplifying businesses
  • Technology brings about notable changes in terms of speed and efficiency of working.
  • This improves productivity and as a result, profits in the organization are increased (Sandlin, 2017).
  1. Reducing costs
  • Technology makes work easier meaning that one person can do a lot of work.
  • This reduces the cost of hiring thus increasing the profit margin of the business (Sandlin, 2017).
  1. Increased accuracy
  • The technology ensures that data is accurately observed and analyzed thus reducing errors and mistakes.
  • Errors cause businesses to incur a lot of losses and technology ensures that this is prevented (Sandlin, 2017).
  1. Negative impacts of technology on business operations
  2. Security
  • Technology has made access, analysis, and distribution of data easier but cases of data breach have also increased.
  • This has affected many areas of business and led businesses to incur great losses while trying to protect data from hackers and thieves (Wilburn & Wilburn, 2018).
  1. Retraining
  • Technology is constantly changing and this means that businesses have to keep retraining on processes and software.
  • This costs the business a lot and can sometimes outweigh the benefits that the business is reaping from the technology (Wilburn & Wilburn, 2018).
  1. Reduced interpersonal communication
  • Technology reduces interpersonal interactions in a business environment.
  • This can interfere with the collaboration of teams and consequently affect their productivity (Lee et al, 2019).
  1. Dependence
  • It has become almost impossible to imagine a business operating without technology.
  • This technology dependence poses a lot of challenges when technology fails because business operations go to a stand-still (Lee et al, 2019).
  1. Conclusion
  • This project is based on the theory that as technology continues to be widely adopted in businesses, it has continued to impact business operations a great deal.
  • This project aims to assess both the positive and the negative impacts that technology has had on business operations.
  • This project is significant because it is clear that technology has impacted business operations to a great extent and therefore business operators need to understand both the positive and negative impacts of technology.
  • The research question that was being answered in this research project is: how has technology impacted business operations?
  • Two hypotheses were tested in this project to determine whether technology has affected business operations both positively and negatively.
  • This research used archival data from previous peer-reviewed research materials on the same subject published in the last three years.
  • A relational content analysis was conducted to determine the positive and negative impacts of technology on business operations.
  • The research found out that technology has impacted business operations both positively and negatively although the positive impacts outweigh the negative impacts.
  • Some of the positive impacts of technology on business operations are enhanced communication, improved business strategies, help for people living with disabilities, promotion, and amplification of businesses, reduced costs, and increased accuracy.
  • Some of the negative impacts of technology on business operations are security issues, the constant need for retraining, interference with interpersonal communication, and dependence.

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