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Discussion 1 (150-200 words): Name the four major classes of mortgage-related securities. As an issuer, explain the reasons for choosing one type over another. Please elaborate by expressing your thoughts about your findings in at least 5 – 6 sentences.
Discussion 2 (200 words): Please visit the Penny Mac Broker Direct at  Explore the site.  Identify resources that may be of use to real estate professionals and share it with class.
Discussion 3 (Respond to this classmate’s post / 100 words): 
Penny Mac Broker Direct provides a “range of innovative solutions to help brokers grow their business”. They offer wholesale mortgage products and programs for conventional, FHA and VHA loans with quick turn times. As a broker, I would want to know about this website because it offers some appealing features.
· Perfect rate – tailor rates down to .001% on fixed rate loans;
· Perfect term – customize terms down to the month;
· Optimize – this technology allows for the most competitive pricing, searches on best LPMI and BPMI options (lender paid and borrower paid mortgage insurance);
· Net escrows – escrows are netted from the final payoff, so less cash is needed to close.
I was impressed Penny Mac because of the employee page on Culture at the organization. It looks like a great place to work!
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