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Case Study                Maximum Word Count 500 words

Grootbos Nature Reserve lies 160 km east of Cape Town, where the Southern Right Whale breeds each year. The views of the sea are breath-taking. Luxurious cottages provide tranquillity in a unique and beautiful setting.
The diagram above represents the monthly demand for (D) and short-run (S) and long- run (LRS) supplies of cottages in Grootbos. The market is in both short-run and long- run equilibrium with 0Q1 lodges being rented out monthly at a price of 0P1.
If a sudden wildfire destroyed exactly 50% of the cottages, what would happen to P and Q in the

  1. short run?
  2. long run?

Essay 1                      Maximum Word Count 2000 words
The new President was giving his first speech. He said
“Our society should be ashamed because while a few lucky ones earn more money than they could ever spend, many individuals do not have enough to live on. It is the inefficiency of the market economy which causes the enormous differences in incomes between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.”
A leading economist contradicted the President, stating that he knew nothing about the efficiency of the market.

  1. The President and the economist have differing views on the efficiency of the market. Who is correct?


  1. In what areas is the market economy inefficient?

Essay 2                      Maximum Word Count 2000 words

Year Q Y C I G X Z Transfers U% INF% Budget
1 100 100 60 20 20 30 30 40 5.0 2 0
2 103 106 62 22 22 31 31 40 4.0 4 -10
3 106 109 65 18 32 28 34 40 4.0 8 -18
4 109 104 62 16 34 28 34 40 6.0 11 -26

The economy was in ‘perfect shape’ in Year 1 as far as the government was concerned. There was low unemployment, low inflation, a good mix of consumption, investment and government expenditure, balanced trade and a balanced budget. However, the following three years were not so good.
Using the above data, hypothesis what fiscal and monetary policies were enacted each year.
If you were to assume control of the economy in Year 4, what policies would you advocate if your goals were to have low inflation, low unemployment and a balanced budget?


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