Biology homework help

Directions:  Each week you will be asked to state the tests you wish to perform in order to identify your Unknown organism.  Once you have chosen your desired tests, the results will be provided for you to interpret before stating which tests you would like to perform next.  It is important to note that you should not preform all of the tests we performed in class.  Some were specific for Gram-positive and some for Gram-negative.  In a laboratory you would not be able to perform all of the tests as this would be a waste of time and resources, so choose your tests carefully. Please write your answers in a different text color so I can easily spot it.
Week #1
Results of Gram Stain      Results of MacConkey

No growth on CNA
1. What is the Gram morphology of your organism?
2. How would you interpret the results of your plate?
3. What is the first biochemical test you would perform?


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