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Critical thinking is the process of actively applying analyzing and evaluating information gathered from observation, experience or communication and can be a guide to belief and action.  In order to complete this assignment, I would like you to complete an annotated bibliography and opinion paper on any topic covered by this class.  Consult the PowerPoints and your book for ideas.
Don’t over analyze this – you are very opinionated even if you don’t think you are.  If I say to you “Popeye’s has the best fried chicken in the world”, you immediately think yes, no or I don’t know and you have a reason for this.  Maybe you tried it or maybe you like the commercials, and that has influenced you.  In a way, this is critical thinking at a very base level.  For this assignment, pick something you feel strongly about and then research it.  I have had students submit successful papers with completely opposite opinions to me because they showed how they came to their opinions.  If you have been in debate club or even a heated argument, you will have experiences this.
 What you turn into me

  • Annotated bibliography for 10 sources
    • Cite source using any method such as APA – videos, news articles, etc can cut and past URL
    • Summarize your source 1 to 2 paragraphs
  • Opinion paper based on your 10 sources – 3 to 5 pages double spaced 12 point font normal margins

Here are some examples of submitted work to give you a feel for this
Central Campus friend with cf.docx
CT Paper about the Delta 32 gene.docx
Just a final note about this process.  I use annotated bibliographies in my research, we usually call them literature reviews.  If you are writing a thesis or dissertation, you want to know what is published about the subject before you submit your results.  Below is a literature review that I conducted in grad school.  Be aware that I formalized this as another professor wanted the results and so I am writing it that way.  Usually my literature reviews are written for me only and are a mess.  You can write your annotated bibliography for yourself, you can use bullet points if you like.  Also, if you are using a book, you only need to use the chapters required, you don’t need to summarize the entire book.
Annotated Bibliography example.docx

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