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 you can discuss concepts that were unfamiliar until now or make connections between various concepts, ideas, debates and evidence being discussed in the course over time. Include the following elements:
Describe the course content you will be reflecting on (readings for this week, videos, lectures, discussions) by providing a brief overview. For example, for assigned readings, discuss the key arguments and conclusions. Analyze by considering the strengths and the weaknesses of the content being reflected upon?
Reflect on the content: What are your reactions to the content?
What are your feelings about your experience in the course and with the content?
Reflect on your Learning: What you have learned?
Can you demonstrate an improved awareness and self-development because of the learning situation?
What can be concluded in a general and specific sense from this situation/experience and the analyses you have undertaken?
These assignments require that you write a journal reflection of what you have learned in the course for this week. The purpose of this assignment is to ensure you are processing your thoughts on the course content. This will enhance your learning and knowledge. This reflection journal is private. None of your peers will be able to see it. Although an informal writing assignment, you should use APA referencing and reference page when you are describing and paraphrasing from the course content. • Typically, journals are no more than 2 pages in length.
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