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Throughout the course, we have encountered foreign belief systems and artistic expression of these ideas from past cultures. Your task is to research and explain how these cultures were exposed to you in the modern day and can you see any modern trends.

  • Identify and use 6 examples from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. ( You may add more if you wish)
    • Make a separate list to include in the paper or use as an appendix
  • Describe the examples on their own
  • Relate the examples to each other to form an idea of how the past lives and is understood in the present
  • Include a formal bibliography and footnote citations
  • The paper must be written using entirely original language
  • 600 wordcount minimum

For this exercise, define clearly and discuss in depth their understanding how the ancient elements still exist and are being used today.
Try to be as thorough and clinical as possible, like a social scientist. Your goal is to provide a sufficient amount of concrete explanations and definitions leaving no room for doubt that the reader understands you completely. You must assume that your reader understand nothing in advance. Everything needs to be explained. Since everyone is different, the content of your papers will vary as well. This examination is yours alone.
Analysis of Athena Example
According to real Greek accounts:

  1. Athena holds spear and wears battle helmet
  2. Has pet owl
  3. Athena framed by Ionic columns
  4. Parthenon in background
  5. Athens near sea
  6. Authentic Greek ship
  7. Ancient Theatre
    1. Greeks invented theater
    2. Archaic spelling of theatre makes appearance of age
  8. Backside of box images show Greek hero, cyclops, and Greek pillars for theater frame

Modern Uses

  1. Fast Food
    1. Fast food images intermixed
  2. Educate children through entertainment
    1. Ages 3 or more
  3. Cartoon images and smiles create familiarity for acceptance


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