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This week (Nov 29-Dec 5) is Black in Marine Science Week!  Many events are happening live, and will be recorded and posted afterwards.  You will attend one of the events of interest to you (either live or recorded), and write a short summary and reflection about the event.

What to Watch and Where

To see the events, please go to the Black in Marine Science (Links to an external site.) page, found here (Links to an external site.). The events vary, but I ask that you attend or watch a panel or webinar (live or recorded).  The ones you can choose from are:

  1. Career Highlight: Showing Diversity in Marine Science Careers (Nov 29 live recording)
  2. Plant vs Animal Panel (Nov 30 live recording)
  3. Diving While Black (Dec 1 live recording)
  4. Experiences in the Marine Science World (Dec 2 live recording)
  5. Black in Marine Science Empowerment Panel (Dec 3 live recording)
  6. My Science Brand Panel (Dec 4 life recording)
  7. Putting the SEA in Code (Dec 4 live recording)

If you would like to attend any of the sessions live, you will need to register at the Black in Marine Science page found here (Links to an external site.). You can watch a recording ANY of these after they have aired on the BIMS YouTube channel which should be found here (Links to an external site.) (it is currently empty as I write this so I will update the link as needed).  I personally recommend the Career Highlight panel as one of my best friends, Dr. Kiki Jenkins will be speaking in it!  (And she is actually visiting me right now and recording it from my house!)

What to Submit

After you have watched your chosen panel or webinar, please:

  1. Title: Tell me the name of the panel or webinar you watched or attended
  2. Summary: Write a 100 word summary of the webinar
  3. Reflection: Write a 50 word reflection on the webinar, addressing what you learned, or how it made you feel

I also encourage you to follow along with Black in Marine Science Week on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #BlackInMarineScience.


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