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Submit “Memo Final Draft” from Module 2/Chapter 10 after incorporating peer feedback. Files must be in Word or PDF. Please give it a serious revision.
( I think you should elaborate on the opportunities for students. What are the opportunities for children to improve their reading skills? I think you should also add the times to the schedule. That way is someone was covering your class they would know exactly what is expected and keep the children on their normal routine.  )
To: All staff members
Right Steps Child Care Center
From: Tonya Bell
Pre-K Lead Teacher
Date: December 6, 2020
Subject: Classroom guidelines and schedules
This memo is being distributed to inform all staff members the schedule and guidelines that will be in room five if, for any reason, I am absent. This class is ages 4-6 however, the majority of them are 4. This class relies on consistency and teamwork between students and teachers. I decided to inform the following:

  • Current lesson plans
  • Opportunities for the students
  • The classroom schedule

Current Lesson Plans
Currently, the class is focusing on learning all about themselves. This can include many different facts such as; birthdays, full names, parents’ names, ages, and where they live. As well as, the first three letters in the alphabet and what words start with these letters (Allow worksheets and books to be handy and helpful).
Opportunities for the students
The main goal for this class is to allow all the children to learn and grow before getting into kindergarten. There are many opportunities that can be found in this class. Developing social skills, gross motor and fine motor skills. There is also multiple opportunities for a child to improve reading and writing skills.
The Classroom Schedule
The classroom environment can make a huge impact on a child’s mood. Make sure it is warm and welcoming. Each center should always be available to all students throughout the day. The schedule consists of:

  • Breakfast
  • Circle time/ large group
  • Centers/ small groups
  • Outside time
  • Lunch
  • Nap
  • Small groups
  • Free choice/ pick up

When following the schedule include fun transitions such as a clean up song or timer to switch to the next activity.


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