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ENGL100 – Fall 2020
Course Project – Awareness Poster
Deliverable 2 (12.5%)
Group Submission

Student Name ID: Score

Using the previous project deliverable, each group writes a 5 paragraph essay (500 words) about the different causes or effects of the chosen problem.
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Bonus Question: (5%)

  • Write a paragraph of about 5 sentences about the methods that you can use to raise the awareness of people on the solutions for this problem.

Grading Rubric

Criteria Excellent
Below Average
Unity Thesis statement/topic idea is clear and restated in the closing sentence. Thesis statement/topic idea is either unclear or incorrectly placed. Thesis statement/topic idea is unclear and incorrectly placed. Thesis statement/topic idea sentence is unclear and incorrectly placed.
Details Textual details are relevant Could add a bit more textual detail Emerging. Attempts to engage the text poor and makes no attempt to include textually relevant information
Organization Writing includes strong beginning, middle, and end with strong closure
Uses correct format and incorporates a strong closure Writing is confused and loosely organized. Transitions are weak and closure is ineffective Writing is brief and underdeveloped with a weak closure
Sentence Fluency & conventions Consistent varied sentences with almost no errors in grammar and spelling Frequent and varied sentences with few errors in grammar and spelling Some run-ons or fragments. Very simple sentences with frequent grammar and spelling mistakes. Frequent run-ons or fragments with no variety of sentence style. Many mistakes in grammar and spelling
APA-Style Format Follows APA guidelines components: In-text Citation and references list, double spaced, 12 pt. font, hanging indent Follows APA guidelines with few errors in format Follows APA guidelines with some errors in format Does not follow APA guidelines

Score              /100


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