Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help.

Writing Assignment

Not meeting minimum requirements results in a zero. All instructions given in Participation Assignments are considered minimum requirements.  Read and follow instructions exactly and carefully. Five (5) points for following all instructions.

Please answer all questions below with at least 200 words for entire assignment. You may exceed this word count if you need to complete the assignment.  Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. 
These are journal responses. NO sources cited or quotes are accepted. These are your thoughts only. I want to hear from you.
Understand plagiarism. You will receive a zero (0) for plagiarism and are reported to administration. 
Journal Prompt: Art21
View at least five short videos from ART21 (Links to an external site.). You can search for artist’s names by alphabet at the top middle of Art: 21’s homepage. Watch how they work and what they say about their process. Then place one artist in each of the following categories in a numbered format:
1) Artist most concerned with the process of making the work.
2) Artist most concerned with creativity in the idea for their art or the work itself.
3) Artist most concerned with media/medium (materials)?
4) Who surprised you the most?
5) List the artists you viewed.
Click on’Submit Assignment’ to submit your response. Use the textbox for your response. Again, please answer all questions with at least 200 words for entire assignment. You may exceed this word count if you need to complete the assignment.  Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Do not submit a document or leave a assignment in the comments section. These will not be graded. Failure to follow all instructions results in a zero.
Do NOT wait till the last minute to submit your assignments.  If you are having difficulty in submitting your assignment, contact the IT department. Check the IT department for their hours of operation.
Unnecessary Information: If a word count is connected with an assignment this information is not needed to state your name, the date and the assignment. It will not count toward the total number of your words.

Article writing homework help


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