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After studying all  the Themes in Chapter 4 = in the textbox provided, address the following in a short essay of at least 800 words addressing all of the questions below: 
(students can save their progress and pick up later)

  • 3 main topics
  • 9 questions to answer when writting
  1. Consider and choose an artwork you have studied this semester that was made by an artist from another race/culture/gender other than yourself  = 150pts

Then answer:

  1. How do you personally relate to this artwork? (why do you like it or find it interesting)
  2. Is the association positive or negative and why? (explain the message you feel the artwork is portraying or wants the viewer to understand about them)
  3. What role/roles do you think the artist’s background: race/culture/gender  =  played in the decision making of the artwork selected? (possibly the colors selected, the content, the concept, etc)= 150pts
  4. How does society in general view their race/culture/gender?
  5. Explain how their artwork either changes, validates or questions your world view about their particular race/culture/gender?
  6. Discuss the a theme from Ch 4. this artwork could fall under (can be more than 1) explain why
  • Chapter 4.1Art and Community
  • Chapter 4.2  Spirituality and Art
  • Chapter 4.3Art and the Cycle of Life
  • Chapter 4.4Art and Science
  • Chapter 4.5  Art, Illusion, and Transformation
  • Chapter 4.6Art of Political Leaders and Rulers
  • Chapter 4.7Art, War, and Revolution
  • Chapter 4.8Art of Social Conscience
  • Chapter 4.9The Body in Art
  • Chapter 4.10  Identity, Race, and Gender in Art
  1. If you were to make an artwork. How could you communicate your experience to your audience in an artwork? Answer each = 300pts
  2. What specific materials would you use?
  3. Describe your artwork using specific elements/principles you have learned about to describe (would it be balanced? Use complementary colors? etc..)
  4. What could be the benefit of engaging an audience in the viewing of this artwork?
  5. Would you feel compelled to exhibit this artwork? Where and why?

Worth 500pts total max


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