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FULL ESSAY- 200 Pts. (Word-count minimum- 1000 words. About five paragraphs with an introduction and conclusion)
Articulate why dance is important to our world- WHY DOES IT MATTER? Use at least THREE dances from different areas of the world to inform your ideas. Discuss the purpose/ importance of the dance to its culture.
Introduce the three dances you will be describing in the opening paragraph.
Use a full paragraph for each dance. Include the name of the dance, the region it is practiced or originated from, the costumes, music, dancers, and relevance to culture or religion.
Conclude with how these three examples address the idea of why dance matters to our world.
50 Points- Student submitted the essay on or before the due date. The minimum word count of 1000 words was met. Minimum 5 paragraphs with an introduction and conclusion.
50 Points- Successful in articulating why dance is important to our world, with the use of the three named examples. Included three dances as examples for why dance matters. Correctly mentioned their proper name and region of origin.
50 Points- Supported overall idea with examples that were drawn from research, used quotations or cited sources where needed, and used own words (not plagiarized).
50 Points- Successful execution of a college-level essay was achieved. Writing exhibits proper grammar, word choice, noun and verb agreement, capitalization, spelling, and cohesiveness as is expected of a college-level essay. Clearly exhibits an introduction, body of knowledge, and conclusion in the writing.
** Please note there is a plagiarism detector attached to this assignment. If any amount of plagiarism is detected, your grade will greatly be affected. You MUST cite sources if you are using words that are not your own.**


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