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This writing assignment is intended to refine your logical reasoning ability, and to take into account complex and nuanced arguments. All assertions must be supported with specific evidence/quotes from the short story “Sweat”
Actions by Zora Neale Hurston and your logical analysis of the quotes as evidence.
Closely read Hurston’s story, “Sweat” and then respond to one of the following options:
For options one and two you are in a court of law as either a prosecutor from the district attorney’s office or as a public defender (choose one role and the accompanying question for your final exam essay)
Option One: If you are the prosecutor will you charge Delia with voluntary or involuntary manslaughter? Explain your reasoning as to the charge and why you believe Delia is guilty based on evidence in the story.
Option Two: Delia has been charged with “accessory to murder.” Explain how you would argue her innocence of this charge based on evidence in the story.
Option Three: Argue whether or not (take a stance) Delia has a moral obligation to help Sykes.

  • Your response should be around 600-700 words and in the form of an argumentative essay with introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.
  • All your assertions must be drawn from evidence in the story–you should not research the story
  • All assertions must be supported with details/quotes from the story and the inferences you draw from the story’s details–you should not re-summarize the story.
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