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Harvey Weinstein was a powerful movie producer who was a serial rapist and committed many sexual assaults, all which came to light over the past several years. He was just found guilty in a court of law and will now hopefully spend his life in prison. His downfall started a national discussion of “#MeToo”, as other women and some men spoke out about work place assaults they had experienced. Thus, the term the Harvey Weinstein Effect was coined.
Similar to our discussion of mental health, why is important for celebrities to speak out on work place harassment and sexual assault? Is there an overlooked group of women in the “#MeToo” movement? Should all work place harassment be treated the same way? Please feel empowered to discuss any work place harassment experiences you’ve had or know that someone else has had.
Please answer the above in 250 of your own words and in paragraph form. If needed, just the article and the textbooks should be used as resources.


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