Anatomy homework help

Post 1: Main post 60 Points Possible
1. Student submitted a thorough, accurate and substantive post.   This included addressing all of the original questions/topics in a clear, logical and organized manner. 25
2.    Student demonstrated a clear understanding of the topic. Critical thinking about topic was included. 15
3.   Assignment submitted on time and on a different day than other posts.      Assignment met 340  word count minimum. 10
4.   Appropriate scientific college-level sources were used.  Post contained APA formatted references and in-text citations. The post was grammatically correct. 10

Section 15.1
The two divisions of the autonomic nervous system: Compare and contrast  form and function
Discussion: Goal:  Your goal for the week is to draw out and clarify some of these important concepts from the textbook to help you with your exam and career.
The discussions are aligned with the learning objectives of the chapters.
All posts are to include substantive material and your own critical thinking.
IMPORTANT NOTE: See Start Here tab for APA help. References are expected to create a substantial main post. Your text should be one of the sources. The goal is NOT to retype the text but to break down the concepts and clarify where 80% of the post should be in your own words. Avoid excessive quotes.  Cite the source when you summarize or paraphrase or have direct quotes.
Plagiarism is a serious penalty; please make sure to use your own words and provide citations and references for all sources you utilize in your responses.
The in text citation (i.e. (Saladin et al, 2020) follows any sentence that reflects information you learned from the book whether you summarize or quote.
Reminder: Use your own words when writing your post. You should include the reference at the bottom of your post should appear as follows: For example:
Saladin, K. (2020). Anatomy & Physiology The Unit of Form and Function.  McGraw Hill Education.
Set up and Label each section:

  • *The explanation / backgroundof the topic- Teach the topic to students. Break it down.   (*Everyone must do this part). Include the Structure and Function relationship in the body Important. Interesting and current research on the topic.
  • Examplesto clarify and teach. (Important!) (Your own examples can be critical thinking too.)

(Label this section)

Apply the information from the research section.

  • Critique your research sources. Examples: Apply everyday phenomena in terms of the scientific concepts in your research section. Make observations and draw conclusions.
  • Tips and Tricksfor Remembering and Recalling. Is there a mnemonic device that might help you memorize this information or what helps you understand this?
  • Connect the dots  Use critical thinking. Why is this an important topic?  For you, your community, society, the world.  How does it relate to other concepts in the text? Use your own words and thoughts here.

Section 15.1
The two divisions of the autonomic nervous system: Compare and contrast  form and function


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