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You must provide five years data from the companies for vertical, horizontal, and ratio analysis. The data must be on excel sheet differently.
Individual Case #1: Financial Analysis 
This assignment is designed to help students obtain the ability to collect financial information and interpreting financial statements. Also, students are required to perform financial analysis and benchmarking, evaluate financial performance, and provide recommendations to help the company to improve.
· Identify two public listed companies in North America i.e. Shaw vs Telus, RBC vs TD. Or CIBC vs BMO
· Retrieve their financial statements (company investor relation website or
· Perform financial analysis including vertical, horizontal and ratio analysis
· Evaluate financial performance
· Provide recommendation
· The maximum 10 pages of the body content and unlimited pages of the appendix
· Single Space
· Citation Style, APA or MLA
Individual Case Outline
· Title Page
· Executive Summary
· Table of Content
· Introduction
o Company Background
o Main Competitor Background and Comparability Rational
· Financial Assessment
o Vertical Analysis
o Horizontal Analysis
o Financial Ratio Analysis
· Recommendation
· Conclusion
· Reference
· Appendix


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